is a company that produces natural leather products, including bag, shoe and belt. The company started its activities in 1998 and it has added to its experiences in this area year after year. Now, Karleno is proud to express it with its 20-year experience that it is using the best kinds of natural leather for the manufacturing of its products so that it can keep pace with the global high quality products and, more importantly, keep its customers daily increasingly more satisfied.

The followings are the Karleno’s goals:

  1. Keeping the products’ customers and users more satisfied in a daily increasingly manner.
  2. Upgrading the level of the products’ quality to the maximum possible extent.
  3. Effective export and development of the sales offices in the other countries and more.
  4. Enhancing the after-sale services and better guarantee for Karleno’s products, honesty, sureness and satisfaction.